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The elegant Elephant Room, the hygenic dining.
Guestrooms and luxurious suites

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Designed as a privileged almost private place where you'll feel right at home

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With the best luxury spa, salon, bus, zipline booking experiences

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Here's a selection of ionic sites in Pokhara that we provide sightseeing to.

True Taste of Paradise

Taste home while on the road.

Paradise Special
Thali Set

Rice, Mutton Curry, Yoghurt, Chicken Fried, Mixed Veg Curry, Spinach, Fried Potato, Gundruk Sadheko, Tomato Chutney, Papad, Salad and Mula ko Achaar.

$ 4.5 10% Service Charge

Paradise Special
Khaja Set

A Newari style lunch pack that includes Beaten Rice, Potato Bean Curry, Fried Soyabean, Tomato Pickle, Mula ko Achaar, Chicken Choyila, Fried Chicken, Pakoda and Salad.

$ 2.5 10% Service Charge


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